Starter Sheet – the reflective cycle using a blogs

This is the next in the assessment series – this use a blog as the medium for a student applying the reflective cycle to reflect on an event.

The reflective cycle has 5 stages -

  1. Select an event
  2. describe the event – what, where, when and who
  3. Analyse the event – break it down into the component elements and as the How and why questions
  4. Evaluate the event – make a judgement having considered the impact, importance, effectiveness and relationships
  5. Transform – make a change based on the process

This can be used in a wide range of situations whether it is a student reflecting on their learning and contribution, a students posting a comment on a peers blog and using the cycle to offer critique and comment or a student reflecting on the events of the day.

Starter sheet reflection cycle in a blog post

As always comments are appreciated

For the complete set of starter sheets visit the education origami wiki –


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