Bring Digital Citizenship agreements together

I had to link the digital citizenship agreements I have developed to create a continuum that starts in the junior school with our younger learners and proceeds through to our more senior students. I took the three agreements or guidelines and combined them into one document that follows three strands -

  • personal responsibility,
  • social responsibility and
  • material responsibility

At each grouping the language is different and age appropriate but the underlying contexts of protecting and respecting are there. I do not see any value in having new entrant and very young primary/elementary students signing any document as they will not understand that expectations or in the case of the younger students even be able to read them. The originals are here at . Digital Citrizenship is a core element of the 21st Century Fluencies we have developed at the 21st Century fluency project

As always I wold appreciate your feedback and suggestions.

DC across the years

3 thoughts on “Bring Digital Citizenship agreements together

  1. Thanks for putting this together. I will share it with the troops.

    I was wondering if something might be added about printing or rather not printing things that don’t need to be printed. I ask my kids to check with me first so as not to waste resources.

    Just a thought.

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