Games and violent behaviour

I was a little concerned when I read in a recent post on Mashable that Joe Biden has been asked not to investigate any linkage between violent video games and recent school shootings –

While we are never going to be able to definitely prove that exposure or addiction to violent video games is responsible for these tragedies, it is critical that this potential contributing factor is investigated and considered in addressing the events that have seen so many lives wasted.

There are a number of reputable studies that indicate there is a relationship between exposure to violent video games and altuism. People exposed to violent video games physiologically and mentally react with a reduced level of responce when exposed to violent behaviour. The people become desensitized and this behaviour becomes more the expected norm.

I suspect that the games industry is protecting itself and its abundant revenue stream derived from these graphic and captivating games.

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3 thoughts on “Games and violent behaviour

  1. I can’t disagree more Andrew. From an outsiders viewpoint any thing that distracts these idiots from allowing guns only designed to kill people is allowing the arms industry off the hook. Way to much money is made in selling guns which have no positive purpose other than supporting an environment of fear. I have never needed more than one round to stop a Deer and in fact my favorite gun was the Thompson contender with its single shot 223 as it was light enough to carry all day. After watching the piers Morgan show a few times however I think there is little hope for this issues solution.

  2. Hi Richard, thats a fair comment. However, if you are going to start addressing the issue of violence then I would want to see any opportunity missed. If you miss one aspect out, what else can you miss out from scrutiny?
    I don’t know how many opportunities that there will be to examine this issue, I would prefer to do a good job.

  3. I agree with Richard. Andrew, your point becomes moot if you take the guns away.
    In Australia we have very, very strict gun laws, and since their inception this topic just doesn’t come up
    I also find it strange that we turn towards video games as a problem and quite blatantly avoid mental health issues; it’s bizarre.
    Rather than checking out every angle of this hideous issue, we could do well to address the 2 ‘biggies’ first gun laws and mental health.

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