I have watched the theatrics of Kim Dotcoms opening of his new site MEGA with a degree of distaste, but what concerns me more is that under the banner of privacy, Dotcom has divorced himeslf from responsibility for the use of HIS site.

To protect the privacy of the users, everything uploaded is encrypted and the administrators and staff do not have the encryption keys, therefore in a move reminiscent of Pontius Pilate and the classical monkeys that can see no evil, hear no evil etc the company absolves itself of any responsibility for the use of the site.

It is obvious that this site will now become the trading hub for those who distribute child pornography and other such abuse. Protected by  encryption and safe in the knowledge that the administrators, even if requested or ordered by the courts, are unable to provide access they will ply their abuse with little concern.

The site will become a center to for the pirates who again under the banner of “privacy” will trade other people hard work, skills and IP with disregard for their developers rights of ownership and their right to profit from their time, investment, effort and work.

I think it is time we balanced the need for “privacy”, self interest and self indulgence with the greater good. Just because you can do something, in this case developing a site that allows any form of use while accepting no responsibility for its use, does not mean we should. Privacy in this case  is a catch cry for not accepting responsibility and avoiding accountability.

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