Its not my fault

My daughter proudly showed me this today.

its not my fault

its not my fault

Reading this makes me consider the power that media and the entertainment industry have over our young people.

We as parents and teachers are forced to fight a valiant rear-guard action against the digitalised role models presented in popular entertainment. In entertainment, where if the cause is “right”, you can kill, maim, injure and steal with complete justification.

If you every present students with the opportunity to create stop motion animations, and do not scaffold the task by specifying no violence, how many will develop and produce a story which free of violence?

How often are we faced with our students being sexualised by the television programmes they watch. How many people actually pay attention to the censors ratings and stop our young people watch in appropriate materials. Materials whose themes are ethically and morally wrong.

There are those who will argue that our young people are savvy enough to discern between fiction and fact, between entertainment and reality, bit I for one am not so sure.


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