On the wire – The future of the net, digital citizenship and more

What will the Internet Look Like in 10 years? Elon University & Pew Internet Project Ask the Experts.

Keywords :Internet, future, Pew internet project


Global cloud future seen for workforce

Keywords: Cloud computing, teleworking, business, employment, future


Consult your kids before posting pics online

Keywords: social media, digital citizenship, cybersafety, ethics, privacy, anonymity


Smartphone case could prevent strokes

Keywords: Health, smartphone, apps, monitoring, stroke


Hate With Friends, fun new Facebook tool

Keywords: Social media, digital citizenship, ethics, safety, cybersafety


Google pays $1.6m Italian StreetView fine

Keywords: Google, privacy, surveillance, politics, government, streetview, data collection


Narrative Clip logs your life in photos

Keywords: privacy, future, digital life, home, leisure, privacy, social media


Engineers unveil bionic kangaroo

keywords: robot, robotics


Robot mannequin to test army kit

Keyword: robotics, robot, testing, military

The Ministry of Defence is to test armed forces’ protective suits using a £1.1m robotic mannequin named the Porton Man.

Cyber threat map

This is a very interesting interactive page produced by the antivirus/malware company Kaspersky. It looks at the real time threats to cyber safety.

Real-time cyberthreat map.

  • No. 1 infection-ridden country is Russia,
  • No.8 Indonesia
  • No. 30 Philippines
  • No. 118 New Zealand

To use: click and drag to look for your country. Click on the country to see real-time statistics. Click on the tab at the lower right (labeled “About Detection Types”) for an explanation of the kinds of viruses infecting the country.


On the wire – politics, banking, digital citizenship, wikipedia and more

Turkey vs Twitter – Draconian measure to silence the scandal

Keywords; Politics, Government, social media, security, twitter, democracy, freedom of speech


The future on NZ banking + Video

Keywords: Business, employment, commerce, ATM, Bitcoins, banking


Who determines the value of a sources?

Keywords: Education, digital citizenship, validity, wikipedia, opinion piece, literacy


IT goes DIY – the sidelining of the IT department

Keywords: Business, employment, BYOD, tablet, Cloud computing, teleworking


Ray ban and oakley frames for google glass

Keywords – home leisure, wearable, convergence, smart technologies


Anonymity apps on the rise

Keywords: privacy, anonymity, business, security, digital citizenship


NZ Cyber law change articles

Keywords: Digital Citizenship, safety, cybersafety, politics, government, legal

1. Judges warn cyber-bully law may flood the courts


2. Microsoft opposes cyber law channge


Smartphone overuse may ‘damage’ eyes

Keywords: Smartphone, health, safety, damage, over-use, digital citizenship
Opticians say people are so addicted to things like smart phones there’s increasing risk of damaging their eyes.


Preschoolers health put at risk

keywords: preschool, education, digital citizenship, technology, health


Self Assessment and reflection tool

I have been working on a tool for students to do a self assessment/reflection and feedback. There are two version of the tool, though the difference is more in layout as the core content is the same.

The tool is based around the work of Stephen Dinham which is used by DET NSW and  New Zealand educators John Hattie & Helen Timperley.

Both works are created under the creative commons share and share-alike license. Acknowledgement is appreciated


Dinham S. May 2008. Feedback on feedback. Teacher, the national education magazine issue 191 Art 6. Australian Council for Edducational research (ACER)
Timperley,H. Hattie,J. 2007 The power of feedback. Review of educational Research p77-87

self assessment & feedback landscape self assessment & feedback

On the wire – Click video clips

This is a great set of resources from the BBC series “Click”

Here are some that are quite relevant at the moment for 3D printing, Augmented reality, Language learning, modeling and simulations


Making Movies with your smart phone

Keywords: Mobile, Apps, Video



3D Printers reviewed

Keywords: 3D, Printers, Models



Whats next after the 3D printed gun

Keywords: 3D, Printers, ethics, digital citizenship



Inside the worlds largest 3dPrinting factory

Keywords: 3D, Printers, business, employment, commercial, factory



3D printing Chocolate and Pasta

Keywords: 3D, Printers, business, employment, commercial, factory, catering, food



Augmented reality app brings drawings to life

Keywords: Augmented reality, tablet, AR,



Learning a language with help from your peers

Keywords: language, learning, Aquisition



Trying to predict traffic jams in Singapore

Keywords: Modelling, Simulation


On the wire – This weeks list

On the wire this week features privacy articles, 3D printing and

Facebook’s New ‘DeepFace’ Program Is Just As Creepy As It Sounds

Keywords: Social media, privacy, facial recognition


3D-printing articles

Keywords: 3D printers, Health, building, business, employment, medicience

3-D Printers Are Saving Babies’ Lives One Breath At A Time


House building with 3-D printers

HP 3D-printer coming in June?

Preschooler health put at risk

Keyword: health, psychological, preschoolers, digital usage


University hires Wikipedian-in-residence

Keyword: Wikipedia, wikipedian, university, open content


Android to power smartwatches

Keyword: smartwatch, wearable, android


Many Kiwis falling to cyber scammers

Keywords: Cybersafety, digital citizenship, scams, New Zealand, phishing


A look at Sony’s virtual reality googles

Keywords: VR, Virtual reality, development, games, leisure, entertainment


Study finds wi-fi is safe in schools

Keywords: Wifi, Education, health, youth, risk,

Wi-fi not a health risk to pupils or staff, with exposure many thousands of times lower than relevant standard, Health Ministry says.

Teacher sees value in online connection

Keywords: Social media, education, learning, teaching, achievement


A teacher has challenged his colleagues to use the latest social media to engage their students – even if that means Snapchatting photo reminders about

Vatican Library to digitise archives

Keyword: library, Vatican, electronic archive, digitising

The Vatican Library begins digitising its priceless collection of manuscripts dating from the origins of the Church with support from Japan’s NTT Data.


IBM’s Watson to help fight cancer

Keyword: super-computer, health, science

IBM supercomputer Watson is to help determine the best treatments for a common type of brain cancer.

Read more:

MtGox finds 200,000 lost bitcoins

Keywords: Finance, commerce, business, employment, bitcoins, digital wallets

Bankrupt Japanese firm MtGox says it has found 200,000 lost bitcoins worth millions of dollars in a digital wallet from 2011 that it no longer uses.

Science education – Tablets replace books as Collegiate goes hi-tech

This is an interesting article I have just found in the local paper. A well regarded school is shifting from textbook into eBooks. The preferred option, even though it is a BYOD program, is iPads. The functionality of interactive media wins over the traditional mediums.


The iPads do lend themselves very well to science. My daughter uses her iPad all the time, particularly to record demonstrations and experiments in class. When the videos and images are then linked to science reports developd in pages, you have a very comprehensive product.



On the Wire – Wearable technology, digital citizenship, games, and 3D printers

This weeks On the wire round up of articles includes 3D printers, digital citizenship, games, addiction and Wearable technologies

Google Glass – Wearable technology – 3 articles

Keywords: Wearable, Technology, Privacy, security, safety, digital citizenship

‘I was attacked for wearing Google Glass’


All wrapped up in wearable devices


Glass bar clash part of San Francisco tech wars

UK spies ‘intercepted webcam images’

Keywords: Privacy, security, integrity, policy, government, politics

British spy agency GCHQ intercepted webcam images from millions of Yahoo users around the world, according to a report in the Guardian.


Yahoo users’ webcam privacy breached by British spies – Guardian



Robots whirr into elderly health care

Keywords: robotics, AI, Health, Home, Leisure, Reliability, Integrity


Retailers urged to ride the online wave

Keywords: Business, employment, commerce, home, leisure, online, retail


Family Memories lost as backup fails

Keywords: digital citizenship, security, reliability, integrity


App offers new way to learn Maori

Keywords: Language, education, learning, school, app, mobile learning


Endgame for online addicts

keywords: Health, Pyschological, gaming, addiction, internet addiction, medical


Virgin Media rolls out porn filters

Keywords: Filtering, censorship, internet, digital citizenship, cybersafety, integrity, reliability, freedom, choice

Virgin Media has turned on a filtering system to help parents stop children seeing inappropriate material online.


Energy firm cyber-defence ‘too weak’

Keywords: Security, reliability, integrity, infrastructure, politics, government, safety, cyber-attacks

Power companies are being refused insurance cover for cyber-attacks due to inadequate defences, the BBC learns.


Top Tablets Revealed

Keyword:tablet, ipad, education, ibooks, learning, mobile, review and comparision


Tablets replace books as Collegiate goes hi-tech

Keyword:tablet, ipad, education, ibooks, learning, mobile, review and comparision


Printers capable of making guns

keywords: Security, safety, control, politic, regulation, weapons, 3D printers


Kiwis go online to research health problems

Keywords: health, reliability, accuracy, integrity, security, safety


Bitcoin owners find safe place for digital currency

Keywords: Business, employment, commerce, finance, security, safety, digital citizenship, bit coins


On the wire – Digital citizenship, Wearable technology and more

This weeks updates

Teens turn to anonymous-messaging apps

Keywords: Digital Citizenship, Instant messaging, social media, privacy, anonymity


Google outs new guide for Glass Explorers

Keywords: Wearable technology, google, glass, convergence, digital citizenship, ethics


20,000 tickets wrongly issued

keywords: reliability, integrity, politics, government, error, legal


No Human brain can check this answer

keywords: computing, supercomputer, mathematics, AI


Salad Worker sacked by text gets $2000

Keywords: Digital citizenship, business, employment, mobile, ethics, legal


The mystery behind computer speed

Keywords: Hardware, software, technology, speed, processing


A documentarian working in virtual reality

Keywords: Documentary, media, virtual reality, augmented reality, film maker, evolution of media


MS Access Tutorial videos

These are excellent learning resources for Microsoft Access

Keywords: Tutorials, video, database, how to, Microsoft Access 2010, free


Facebook ‘trolls’ find it harder to be mean in real life

Keywords: digital citizenship, ethics, social media, home, leisure


Valve challenged over user privacy

Keywords: privacy, security, leisure, entertainment, home, games

Game maker Valve has issued a statement to defuse a row over data it gathers about people who play its games.


Thousands in Pokemon collaboration

Keywords: Home, leisure, entertainment, collaboration, social media, games

Thousands of people are taking part in an online game of Pokemon using the social gaming video site Twitch.