My Global Life

This is a site I will be visiting time and time again. Stuffed full of resources, this is a global project which allows students to create and share in the development of online games. While doing this they are breaking down barriers of race and creed.

The site is clean, well laid out and fun. It also has a huge selection of tools and materials for developing the games, from links to development tools to information about project management and roles with in a project.

The site is created by the world wide workshop foundation – and they are well worth a visit too!

The BBC website also gave this site a good review and provides an excellent overview to this project. –

One thought on “My Global Life

  1. Hi Andrew
    Just thought I would let you know that your website was featured on edtechtalk today – published in the chatroom and through the conversation streamed live on uStream. Very cool to hear a NZer featured!

    Great site by the way I will be adding it to my reader account!

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