Well, the iPad is a success. The 3 kids (10, 8 & 4) are cue to play on it and I am having to schedule times to let them play.

The thing that is really nice is how easily the picked up the navigation. Mr 8 saw me showing him the iPad on Skype and was off and playing as soon as I let him have it. Mr 4 watched with baited breath and could quickly mimicked his brothers success. There was a very interesting differences in the fine motor skills between the 2 boys. The younger of the two struggles with selecting the correct icons within the drawing tool (doodle pad). He loves the sounds that are associated with each of the icons. The burps, whistles, farts, bings and bongs instantly make this drawing tool huge fun for him.

Chalkboard is another that he enjoys using. Again this is a simple drawing tool with four colours of chalk and chalk (and finger nails) on blackboard sounds. The screechof fingernails on the blackboard is now echoing once again.

Ms 10 has taken to Mathboard like a duck to water. This software allows you to drill a variety of operators ( x + – / square root , squares and cubes) and set a range of numbers for the calculations. Then set the number of questions and away you go. The board has a “blackboard” that you can work out your answers on before selecting the a-e multi choice answer. Yes it is lower order thinking, but it is a fun method of practicing these.

For me, Keynote, pages and iThoughtHD (mind mapping) are very cool. iThoughtsHD allows me to import freemind, mindmanager, xmind and several other formats of mind map.  It also exports as PDF too. This is useful. Ms 10 learnt how to use it in 2 minutes and the fact that you use your finger to drag and drop the daughter nodes into new places. The icon set reminds me of the standard icons in freemind.

Well, its not just a  consumption tool, its not just a media toy. However the lack of multi-tasking (other than ipod and any other application) is disappointing and I hope will soon be rectified. The battery life is AMAZING about 10-12 hours with a wireless connection live.

Yes, on first impression,its a success

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