Cyber threat map

This is a very interesting interactive page produced by the antivirus/malware company Kaspersky. It looks at the real time threats to cyber safety.

Real-time cyberthreat map.

  • No. 1 infection-ridden country is Russia,
  • No.8 Indonesia
  • No. 30 Philippines
  • No. 118 New Zealand

To use: click and drag to look for your country. Click on the country to see real-time statistics. Click on the tab at the lower right (labeled “About Detection Types”) for an explanation of the kinds of viruses infecting the country.

On the wire – politics, banking, digital citizenship, wikipedia and more

Turkey vs Twitter – Draconian measure to silence the scandal

Keywords; Politics, Government, social media, security, twitter, democracy, freedom of speech

The future on NZ banking + Video

Keywords: Business, employment, commerce, ATM, Bitcoins, banking

Who determines the value of a sources?

Keywords: Education, digital citizenship, validity, wikipedia, opinion piece, literacy

IT goes DIY – the sidelining of the IT department

Keywords: Business, employment, BYOD, tablet, Cloud computing, teleworking

Ray ban and oakley frames for google glass

Keywords – home leisure, wearable, convergence, smart technologies

Anonymity apps on the rise

Keywords: privacy, anonymity, business, security, digital citizenship

NZ Cyber law change articles

Keywords: Digital Citizenship, safety, cybersafety, politics, government, legal

1. Judges warn cyber-bully law may flood the courts

2. Microsoft opposes cyber law channge

Smartphone overuse may ‘damage’ eyes

Keywords: Smartphone, health, safety, damage, over-use, digital citizenship
Opticians say people are so addicted to things like smart phones there’s increasing risk of damaging their eyes.

Preschoolers health put at risk

keywords: preschool, education, digital citizenship, technology, health

On the wire – Click video clips

This is a great set of resources from the BBC series “Click”

Here are some that are quite relevant at the moment for 3D printing, Augmented reality, Language learning, modeling and simulations


Making Movies with your smart phone

Keywords: Mobile, Apps, Video


3D Printers reviewed

Keywords: 3D, Printers, Models


Whats next after the 3D printed gun

Keywords: 3D, Printers, ethics, digital citizenship


Inside the worlds largest 3dPrinting factory

Keywords: 3D, Printers, business, employment, commercial, factory


3D printing Chocolate and Pasta

Keywords: 3D, Printers, business, employment, commercial, factory, catering, food


Augmented reality app brings drawings to life

Keywords: Augmented reality, tablet, AR,


Learning a language with help from your peers

Keywords: language, learning, Aquisition


Trying to predict traffic jams in Singapore

Keywords: Modelling, Simulation

On the wire – This weeks list

On the wire this week features privacy articles, 3D printing and

Facebook’s New ‘DeepFace’ Program Is Just As Creepy As It Sounds

Keywords: Social media, privacy, facial recognition

3D-printing articles

Keywords: 3D printers, Health, building, business, employment, medicience

3-D Printers Are Saving Babies’ Lives One Breath At A Time

House building with 3-D printers

HP 3D-printer coming in June?

Preschooler health put at risk

Keyword: health, psychological, preschoolers, digital usage

University hires Wikipedian-in-residence

Keyword: Wikipedia, wikipedian, university, open content

Android to power smartwatches

Keyword: smartwatch, wearable, android

Many Kiwis falling to cyber scammers

Keywords: Cybersafety, digital citizenship, scams, New Zealand, phishing

A look at Sony’s virtual reality googles

Keywords: VR, Virtual reality, development, games, leisure, entertainment

Study finds wi-fi is safe in schools

Keywords: Wifi, Education, health, youth, risk,
Wi-fi not a health risk to pupils or staff, with exposure many thousands of times lower than relevant standard, Health Ministry says.

Teacher sees value in online connection

Keywords: Social media, education, learning, teaching, achievement

A teacher has challenged his colleagues to use the latest social media to engage their students – even if that means Snapchatting photo reminders about

Vatican Library to digitise archives

Keyword: library, Vatican, electronic archive, digitising

The Vatican Library begins digitising its priceless collection of manuscripts dating from the origins of the Church with support from Japan’s NTT Data.

IBM’s Watson to help fight cancer

Keyword: super-computer, health, science

IBM supercomputer Watson is to help determine the best treatments for a common type of brain cancer.

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MtGox finds 200,000 lost bitcoins

Keywords: Finance, commerce, business, employment, bitcoins, digital wallets

Bankrupt Japanese firm MtGox says it has found 200,000 lost bitcoins worth millions of dollars in a digital wallet from 2011 that it no longer uses.

On the Wire – Wearable technology, digital citizenship, games, and 3D printers

This weeks On the wire round up of articles includes 3D printers, digital citizenship, games, addiction and Wearable technologies

Google Glass – Wearable technology – 3 articles

Keywords: Wearable, Technology, Privacy, security, safety, digital citizenship

‘I was attacked for wearing Google Glass’

All wrapped up in wearable devices

Glass bar clash part of San Francisco tech wars

UK spies ‘intercepted webcam images’

Keywords: Privacy, security, integrity, policy, government, politics

British spy agency GCHQ intercepted webcam images from millions of Yahoo users around the world, according to a report in the Guardian.

Yahoo users’ webcam privacy breached by British spies – Guardian

Robots whirr into elderly health care

Keywords: robotics, AI, Health, Home, Leisure, Reliability, Integrity

Retailers urged to ride the online wave

Keywords: Business, employment, commerce, home, leisure, online, retail

Family Memories lost as backup fails

Keywords: digital citizenship, security, reliability, integrity

App offers new way to learn Maori

Keywords: Language, education, learning, school, app, mobile learning

Endgame for online addicts

keywords: Health, Pyschological, gaming, addiction, internet addiction, medical

Virgin Media rolls out porn filters

Keywords: Filtering, censorship, internet, digital citizenship, cybersafety, integrity, reliability, freedom, choice

Virgin Media has turned on a filtering system to help parents stop children seeing inappropriate material online.

Energy firm cyber-defence ‘too weak’

Keywords: Security, reliability, integrity, infrastructure, politics, government, safety, cyber-attacks

Power companies are being refused insurance cover for cyber-attacks due to inadequate defences, the BBC learns.

Top Tablets Revealed

Keyword:tablet, ipad, education, ibooks, learning, mobile, review and comparision

Tablets replace books as Collegiate goes hi-tech

Keyword:tablet, ipad, education, ibooks, learning, mobile, review and comparision

Printers capable of making guns

keywords: Security, safety, control, politic, regulation, weapons, 3D printers

Kiwis go online to research health problems

Keywords: health, reliability, accuracy, integrity, security, safety

Bitcoin owners find safe place for digital currency

Keywords: Business, employment, commerce, finance, security, safety, digital citizenship, bit coins

On the wire – Digital citizenship, Wearable technology and more

This weeks updates

Teens turn to anonymous-messaging apps

Keywords: Digital Citizenship, Instant messaging, social media, privacy, anonymity

Google outs new guide for Glass Explorers

Keywords: Wearable technology, google, glass, convergence, digital citizenship, ethics

20,000 tickets wrongly issued

keywords: reliability, integrity, politics, government, error, legal

No Human brain can check this answer

keywords: computing, supercomputer, mathematics, AI

Salad Worker sacked by text gets $2000

Keywords: Digital citizenship, business, employment, mobile, ethics, legal

The mystery behind computer speed

Keywords: Hardware, software, technology, speed, processing

A documentarian working in virtual reality

Keywords: Documentary, media, virtual reality, augmented reality, film maker, evolution of media

MS Access Tutorial videos

These are excellent learning resources for Microsoft Access

Keywords: Tutorials, video, database, how to, Microsoft Access 2010, free

Facebook ‘trolls’ find it harder to be mean in real life

Keywords: digital citizenship, ethics, social media, home, leisure

Valve challenged over user privacy

Keywords: privacy, security, leisure, entertainment, home, games

Game maker Valve has issued a statement to defuse a row over data it gathers about people who play its games.

Thousands in Pokemon collaboration

Keywords: Home, leisure, entertainment, collaboration, social media, games

Thousands of people are taking part in an online game of Pokemon using the social gaming video site Twitch.



On the wire – Drones, speed, digital citizenship and more


Urgent need to change drone rules

Keywords: Politics, Government, business, privacy, security, safety

Download a movie in one second.

Keywords: trends, connectivity, piracy, ethics, digital citizenship, 5G, South Korea, Mobile technology

Warning after intimate video goes viral

Keywords: Digital citizenship, cybersafety, ethics, acceptable use, privacy

Bitcoin cyberattack a big warning to users

Keywords: Business, employment, security, integrity, cybersafety, digital citizenship, commerce

Robotics articles

Keywords: Robot, Robotics, AI, Insect, self organising, building

Termites inspire robot builders

US scientists develop small robots that behave much like termites, able to build large structures even though each individual acts on its own and can follow only simple rules.

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Robot army ‘to help future floods’

A self-organising robotic construction crew has been shown off by scientists at Harvard university.

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Cyber-thieves ‘film victim activity’

Cyber-thieves are increasingly grabbing video of how victims use their computer to better steal from online bank accounts, reveals a security firm.

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Why isn’t Siri like AI in movies?

Keywords: AI, Intelligence, voice recognition, AI systems, Siri, Google Now

Are there ways to make virtual assistants like Siri and Google Now more like the AI systems in the movies, capable of natural sounding conversations?

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Push to keep kids safe online

Keywords: Digital Citizenship, cybersafety, resource, edcuation, youth, children, internet

Spam Attack company fined $120,000 (NZ)

Keywords: Ethics, cybersafety, digital citizenship, spam, business, employment, security, politics, government

Artists confront the web’s pirates

Keywords: Piracy, digital citizenship, ethics, piracy, copyright, politics, legal, business, employment

Major study confirms cellphone use is safe

Keywords: Health, ergonomics, mobiles, cell phones, safety, research

Parents unaware of smartphone danger

Keywords: Smartphones, communication, ethics, digital citizenship, cybersafety, tablets, youth, education

Many parents are out of touch with the dangers faced by their children on tablets and smartphones, according to a poll by BBC Learning.

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Mask malware aims at governments

Keywords: politics, government, surveillance, security, privacy, spying, digital citizenship, cybersafety, integrity, reliability

Sophisticated computer malware aimed at high-value targets may have been created by a nation state, say security researchers

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Huge hack ‘is ugly sign of future’

Keywords: Politics, government, business, employment, standards, policies, security, reliability, integrity, infrastructure, digital citizenship, cybersafety

A massive attack that exploited a key vulnerability in the infrastructure of the internet is the “start of ugly things to come”, it has been warned.

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Cyberbullying suicide shocks Italy

Keywords: Security, safety, digital citizenship, cybersaefty, politics, government, policies

MPs in Italy call for action against cyberbullying after a girl of 14, subjected to online abuse, kills herself in a north-eastern town.

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Utopia drugs market forced offline

Keywords: Politics, government, secuirty, police, dark net, TOR, Drugs, ethics, digital citizenship, cybersafety

The Dutch National Police force seizes a “dark net” website used to sell illegal drugs, weapons and hacking tools.

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Cyber-attack disrupts Bitcoin trades

Keywords: Commerce, business, employment, security, cybersafety, bitcoins, digital citizenship, reliability, integrity

Bitstamp becomes the second Bitcoin exchange to halt withdrawals. It says it has been struck by a cyber-attack.

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Digital Citizenship

As a frequent presenter and speaker on digital citizenship, I feel it is critical to presented a balanced and considered perspective.

Its easy, particularly when presented with a captive audience, to place undue emphasis on the darker side of out digital lives. The media abounds with horror stories and tragedies, of mis-adventure and mis-direction, crime and punishment, but this is what sells papers and magazines and attracts readers/viewers. Seldom do you see the predominant reality of our digital world, people getting on with their day to day activities, be these business or leisure.

Standing up and preaching about the dangers and risks is easy, often captivating and grabs attention. Its simple to find the latest disasters and use these to highlight the pitfalls and traps that are present. Shock and awe does make for a good presentation, but to focus on the negative or exaggerate the risks is to lose the opportunity for learning. You don’t want to see teachers, parents or others in a fit of fervor banning all technology use because of perceived risks and dangers.

Its critical that we provide a balanced perspective and provide mechanisms and processes that provide guidance and support. Short term solutions like blocking, banning etc are ignoring the underlying issues of digital citizenship. While they will stop or limit the incidence or occurrence of  either inappropriate action or damage, they do little to prepare people for a world beyond the walled garden we have created.

It is only by changing behaviours and understanding, that real change can be made. It is only by changing these that we can make a sustained, hopefully life long, difference.

Rules don’t work

Too many people have fallen in to the trap of setting rules in an attempt to provide a safe environment. Definitive statements have a very limited life expectancy, they are often out of date before they are written. The rapid evolution of the web, of social media and technology means that statements specify medium or technologies are soon obsolete.

However, behaviors and actions are timeless. Change and adapt these and you provide a safe foundation for activity, learning and recreation in a dynamic world.

Want some Ideas on these?


On the wire – digital citizenship, ethics, and more – articles

North Korea imitates Apple’s Mac OSX

Keywords: Ethics, digital citizenship, piracy, integrity, intellectual property

North Korea has upgraded the operating system used in the country – and it bears a striking resemblance to Apple’s Mac OSX platform.

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Google Search altered to avoid fine

Keywords: Google, search engines, ethics, business, employment, commerce, politics

Google promises to make “significant” changes to how rivals appear in search results in an attempt to avoid a multi-billion euro fine.

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YouTube starts auditing video views

Keywords: Social media, video, accuracy, reliability, trends, statistics

The video-sharing website YouTube says it is starting to “audit” the number of views a video has received.

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Pupils expelled in hacking scandal

Keywords: education, digital citizenship, security, policy, ethics, hacking

Eleven pupils who hacked teachers’ computers and changed their grades have been expelled from a school in California.

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Call center sends staff home

Keywords: teleworking, business, employment, connectivity

Call center sends workers home to telework, rather than converge on center

Smartphones taking over pre-schoolers basic skills

Keywords: Education , preschool, smart phones, digital literacy, AVG research, new Zealand, Trends

Interesting research by AVG comparing preschoolers digital and “real world” abilities. It does make the flawed assumption that digital skills are not “real world”.

Westpac trials Google Glass app for NZ – Business – NZ Herald News

Keywords: Business, employment, commerce, banking, wearable technology

Bugs money: Software sleuths cash in

Keywords: Business, employment, software development, reliability, integrity, security, safety

All software has bugs in it and now more and more people are cashing in on programmes that reward them for uncovering security vulnerabilities.

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Arabic suffix leads net name rollout

Keywords: Internet, digital divide, communication, ethics, digital citizenship, policy, standards, politics, government

A new net address written in Arabic script is the first to go live in what will be a huge wave of new suffixes to be launched over the coming months.

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Have laptop, will travel – and earn

Keywords: Teleworking, business, employment, travel, commerce, communication

School gives an iPad to every pupil

Keywords: Education, learning, schools, computing, BYOD, integration

Government funding and fund raising are enabling this small school to deliver ipad mini’s to each student

Making The Most Of ICT – What The Research Tells Us

Keywords: Education, learning, research, ICT, schools, John Hattie, benefit
Steve Moss looks at what the educational research says about how to maximise the impact of ICT on learning.

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IT Articles –

Recent IT Articles – these relate to a variety of current issues and topics in IT – This especially suits the ITGS teacher.

Untangling the complicated web

Keywords: Internet, WWW, explanation

Tennis coaching gets a smart racquet

Keywords: Sports, technology, convergence, leisure, entertainment, health

Futuristic data-related tennis equipment may be about to change the face of the sport in the way that metal and carbon racquets once did.

The driverless car

Keywords: Business, employment, AI, home, leisure, transport

The driverless car may promise an accident-free motoring future, but Adam Gopnik raises a few moral caveats from the backseat.

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Money lenders checking social media profiles of potential customers – National – NZ Herald News

Keywords: Business, employment, commerce, social media, privacy

Pack your laptop, we’re off to $chool – Aucklander – The Aucklander News

Keywords: Education, tablet, laptop, BYOD, Cost, schools

The future of work… office not required – Life & Style – NZ Herald News

Keywords: business, employment, teleworking, home office, SOHO