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Turkey vs Twitter – Draconian measure to silence the scandal

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The future on NZ banking + Video

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Who determines the value of a sources?

Keywords: Education, digital citizenship, validity, wikipedia, opinion piece, literacy


IT goes DIY – the sidelining of the IT department

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Ray ban and oakley frames for google glass

Keywords – home leisure, wearable, convergence, smart technologies


Anonymity apps on the rise

Keywords: privacy, anonymity, business, security, digital citizenship


NZ Cyber law change articles

Keywords: Digital Citizenship, safety, cybersafety, politics, government, legal

1. Judges warn cyber-bully law may flood the courts


2. Microsoft opposes cyber law channge


Smartphone overuse may ‘damage’ eyes

Keywords: Smartphone, health, safety, damage, over-use, digital citizenship
Opticians say people are so addicted to things like smart phones there’s increasing risk of damaging their eyes.


Preschoolers health put at risk

keywords: preschool, education, digital citizenship, technology, health


IT articles – Surveillance, privacy, security

IT Articles around the topic of surveillance.

Canada ‘spied on airport travellers’
Keywords: Politics, government, surveillance, privacy, Canada
Canada’s spy agency collected data from travellers using an airport’s wi-fi system, CBC reports, quoting documents leaked by Edward Snowden.

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Supermarket attaches tracking devices to trolley

Keywords: Business, marketing, surveillance, privacy, business, Employment


Yahoo email account passwords stolen

Keywords: Security, reliability, integrity


Google Glass introduces games

Keywords: Wearable, games, Google, Glass, trend, technology


Whitelist for wrongly-blocked sites

Keywords: Filtering, internet, politics, government, business, employment, digital citizenship

The government is drawing up a list of sites inadvertently blocked by the filters it asked internet service providers to implement.

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Social media transforms lessons

Keywords: Education, learning, social media, tablet computing

A school in Norway has taken an innovative approach to learning by equipping every student with a tablet and teaching English using social media.

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Sorry gamers, ‘exergaming’ is no substitute for the real thing

Keywords: Health, entertainment, leisure, games, consoles, exercise, fitness


Google gets AI start up

Keywords: Google, business, employment, AI


Google hopes designer frames will sharpen Glass – Business – NZ Herald News

Keywords: Wearable, technology, google, business, leisure, entertainment, glass


Smartphone sales ‘top one billion’

More than one billion smartphones were shipped last year, with Samsung extending its lead as the world’s biggest vendor, a new survey shows.

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NSA ‘gets data from Angry Birds’

Keywords: politics, government, surveillance, security, privacy

US and British spy agencies routinely try to gain access to personal data from Angry Birds and other mobile applications, a report says.

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