Is privacy the cost on new technology

noun [ mass noun ]
a state in which one is not observed or disturbed by other people: she returned to the privacy of her own home.
• the state of being free from public attention: a law to restrict newspapers’ freedom to invade people’s privacy.

[Dictionary Version 2.2.1 Apple]

I read this morning in Stuff that Google Glass is being send out, for a small fee, to the lucky winners of the contest held in the US (8000 winners and US$1500 per pair) –

The Google glass’es look amazing and they are the forerunner of a wave of wearable technologies. In fact the Horizon report for 2013 – higher education edition has wearable technology on its 4-5 year horizon – and

Google glass is the start of what we are to see, but I am left wondering if the price we pay for these technologies isn’t just financial but also with our privacy. I love the the idea of voice activated functionality, the immediacy and potential that this technology has. The promo videos are amazing, but they are meant to be. The concern is giving all my information to Google. (I know that’s an exaggeration, but…..)

Would Google, or in fact any other global cooperation actually be interested in me beyond the general trends about what I do and see? I don’t think so, I am not that interesting, but the general trends that I contribute to that is a different matter. Am I prepared to pay this price for the potential that these technologies hold? Yes, I think I am, because with my member ship of social media site, I have already given this away. But my decision must be a conscious one, informed, aware and deliberate.


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